Water Feature Cleaning, Maintenance, Upgrades & Repair
Locally Grown Pond Plants, Lotus & Water Lilies

Leaves & Debris??

Ask about our monthly maintenance.

Year Round Care

Prevent algae, mechanical failure, fish loss.
Keep your water feature clean and enjoyable.
Japanese Domestic & Butterfly Koi


Our new location is 27785 west 11th Ave Eugene, Or 97402
(mile marker 52/ 3 miles west of Beltline on Hwy 126)
Now open for the 2016 season!
The store can be reached via phone at (541) 337-4242.

Koi & Pond Fish

Koi & Pond Fish
We carry a variety of Domestic & Import Koi as well as fancy goldfish (shubunkin, fantail, ranchu, oranda, black moor, telescope, comet etc.)    ...

Pond Plants, Lotus & Water Lilies

Pond Plants, Lotus & Water Lilies
We have a great selection of locally grown aquatic plants. From perennials, annuals, marginal, bog, floating plants, water lilies, lotus & specialty plants. We are...